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Q. When is Hospice care appropriate?
A. Hospice care is often appropriate when a patient has reached the final stage of terminal illness. When patients choose hospice, they are making the decision to forego curative measures in exchange of comfort care, pain management and support for both patient and family.

Q. Who Pays For Hospice?
A. Medicare Part A, Medi-Cal, HMO’S, Private Payers

Q. Is Hospice Medicare and Medi-Cal certified?
A. Yes for eligible patients 65 years and above. Medicare, Medi-Cal and other managed care plans cover hospice services 100%. The expense of healthcare at the end of life can be a financial burden, hospice can help ease the burden.

Q. Who is eligible for hospice care?
A. A physician must certify that a hospice patient has a terminal illness and an estimated life expectancy of six months or less. The patient must agree to hospice care. We admit everyone who meets the criteria.

Q. Who will raise the subject of Hospice care?
A. The decision to choose hospice should be made by the patient and family with the physician’s input. Open discussion about treatment options should be held throughout the course of illness.

Q. Can we keep our own doctor?
A. Yes. If it is not possible, trained hospice physician can see the patient and the care plan.

Q. Where is hospice care administered?
A. Majority of hospice care is provided in the patient’s home, where family and friends serve as caregivers. The hospice agency may also provide care in nursing homes or other types of residential facilities.

Q. What if the patient’s condition improves?
A. Once the patient condition improved, he or she will be transferred to non-hospice care provider. When patient becomes eligible for hospice again, they can re-elect the hospice benefit.

Q. Does hospice discuss pain control with the patient’s families?
A. Yes, the Interdisciplinary Team discusses the patient’s plan of care on a weekly basis.

Q. Is 24 hours a day seven days a week care available for the patients?
A. We have a triage and continuous care team available 24/7. When you call in the evening or weekends, you will always be able to speak with a nurse.

Q. Is inpatient / respite care available?
A. Yes, we can arrange respite care in numerous facilities in the area.

Q. Are bereavement services provided?
A. Yes, spiritual and emotional support is provided for the family and loved ones and can continue for up to one year following the death of the patient.

Q. Are medications and equipment delivered?
A. Yes. We deliver to the home, nursing and long-term care facilities, or wherever the patient resides. Basic medical equipment, supplies and medications related to the hospice diagnosis are provided.

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